loan between friends

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

My friend gave me money to buy a car and help pay for school when I was having problems making ends meet.He is now saying that he wants me to repay it as it was a series of loans and not a gift. He is threatening to take me to court but I have never signed a promisary note or even a verbal agreement to repay as I do not have the money. I am not sure what to do and can he sue me when I did not even know that I was apparently "borrowing" this money?


If it was a gift then you need not pay except as you wish to do so--he will have to prove it was a loan and that will not be easy to do.
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I was fascinated by U[umlaut]dith's scarf initially used as a loan between friends and later, an accessory to a much darker purpose, illuminating the turmoil that prevailed over her life.
"The money was just a loan between friends. There were no great terms covering the loan.