loathe to

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Fitness is critical here because each team is allowed only three substitutions and Arena apparently is loathe to start a player he knows cannot last the length of the match - no matter his potential as a scorer.
Venture capitalists and stock watchers are loathe to say dot-corns are worthless (they financed it all, of course), yet they don't really see a merger boom resuscitating former high fliers.
The Supreme Court, though loathe to admit it, is made up of individuals--individuals who study law and apply it equally based on the case or theory before the court, and who more often than not disagree with one another.
This becomes a trickier proposition when he falls for the beautiful and pure Lorna (Amelia Warner), who is loathe to confess to John her lineage: She is a Doone - and, oh, yes, Carver wants her hand in marriage.
But board President Genethia Hayes, who has expressed support for integrated math, said she is loathe to ditch a program that some credit with raising the number of African-American and Latino kids taking college-prep math.
The computer companies, he suggested, might actually have been loathe to be seen in a public courtroom pressing the school district for money.