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I loathed Thatcherism and was a Labour supporter until the illegal war in Iraq.
PROCLAIMERS star Charlie Reid admits he both loathed and respected Margaret Thatcher at the same time.
Summary: Actress Reese Witherspoon has revealed that her most loathed household chore is washing the dishes.
Loved by some, loathed by others, many remain--formally crude, over-engineered and top heavy.
But people in radical right-wing organizations loathed me and my club.
If you were the US Government, you loathed smoking in 1964.
And from that time on, I loathed an economic system that could put a huge part of its workforce on the streets with no compunction.
Lauded as a late 20th century taboo-bashing genius by some, and loathed as a puritanical body-fearing reactionary by others, Cronenberg's emergence is without parallel in this country.
He began engaging in sex fairly late in life, almost exclusively with prostitutes, whom he loathed for it as he loathed himself.