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Yet the major characters, for all their loathsomeness, are not totally two-dimensional.
The internal and external loathsomeness of nearly every main character--in what is, at its heart, a story about bartering for love--is far from the book's least tolerable aspect.
She seemingly depicts the Roman Catholic more unfavorably than the Jew, since in the French language, abominable connotes heinousness, foulness, and loathsomeness, while vilain is generally translated as "nasty" or "unpleasant.
Next up is "the Rat," a crazed Nazi-youth type, who beats a pair of tambourines while issuing a tirade about the loathsomeness of cappuccino-swilling American liberals.
Instead, in Hawthorne's moral view, such diseased relationships result in "the ever-increasing loathsomeness of a union that consists in guilt" (175).
In a nutshell: A milieu ripe for dark comedy, but creator/star Eric Schaeffer has more confidence in his ability to make loathsomeness likable than viewers might.
For instance, in his Dictionary Johnson draws upon Addison's Spectator for the illustration of overbear: "The horror or loathsomeness of an object may over-bear the pleasure which results from its greatness, novelty, or beauty.
We cannot escape from Bardamu's loathsomeness when we read Journey; he is our guide through Celine's dark world.
The speaker is a figure of the most unutterable loathsomeness, and throughout the poem Betjeman's tone varies from unmitigated contempt for her ethical vacuity to mockery of the ludicrous vanity of her class snobbery.
Watt was especially struck by an interview toward the end of his fieldwork in which the Oak Grove pastor, a graduate of Bob Jones University, aggressively stressed the loathsomeness of gays and lesbians.
I WONDER if this thought will help - the degree of smallness or loathsomeness that anyone succeeds in making you feel actually represents exactly how they feel about themselves.
The suits at EMI probably read reports of her hysterical plate-smashing and came to the conclusion that they'd probably have more chance of a hit with Archbish George Carey than Mariah, but, for all her loathsomeness, the diva's still got a track record.