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Really, sir, the world is of opinion that Judge Temple has tried the experiment fairly, though he did not cause his loaves to be cast in moulds of the magnitude that would suit your magnificent conceptions.
You make sugar now, I will admit, and you may, possibly, make loaf-sugar; but I take the question to be, whether you make the best possible sugar, and in the best possible loaves.
And on he now sped still quicker--day and night on he went: the loaves were consumed, and the ham too; and now they were in Lapland.
Shimerda understand the friendly intention of our visit, and the Bohemian woman handled the loaves of bread and even smelled them, and examined the pies with lively curiosity, exclaiming, `Much good, much thank
Mr Place said investment in plant equipment and deliveries was needed and said the cost price of bread, including the millions of loaves Allied supplies to supermarkets across Britain, had been increased accordingly.
Thousands of loaves had to be cleared from M&S stores nationwide.
makers of Wonder and Home Pride breads, introduced low-carb Roman Meal-brand loaves with 6 carbs per slice.
But also one lucky reader is today going to win a whole YEAR'S supply of Kingsmill White - that's 2 loaves a week for 52 weeks.
The company said that in line with its "retail philosophy" it had reduced the price of Better Buy white and brown sliced loaves to 8p.