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Based on the confusion amongst lobbyists, who have the strongest incentive to understand the regulations, it seems probable that the lobbied, with even less incentive, are likely not fully literate in Canada's lobbying rules.
Federal records show the Investment Company Institute and MFA had not lobbied the NEC in recent years - but began lobbying the council when Cohn was appointed to run it.
Above all, the media are now more independent and must be lobbied like any congressman.
While it is common practice to use the term `regulate' to refer to all legal provisions regarding interest group activity, and we follow that practice here, in a strict sense `regulate' denotes legal provisions that specify what a group and its lobbyists can or cannot do in their attempts to influence public policy; `monitor' refers to provisions that enable the public and those being lobbied in legislative and executive branches of government to keep track of the public policy activities of groups and their representatives.
The law includes a "look-back" rule which provides that while mere monitoring of legislation is not considered lobbying, if and when that same or similar legislation is later lobbied on, all of the previous monitoring costs will be "tainted." These previous costs from monitoring will be treated as nondeductible lobbying.
During the quarter, Walmart lobbied for its case with the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, the US Trade.