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Terry devotes a chapter to what currently exists in the way of pro-Arab lobbies and interest groups.
But six months later, by the time the lobbies had done their work and various members of Congress (of both parties) had ridden to the rescue of various damsels in distress, the list of significant eliminations was more like 30, according to Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute.
The primary rationale cited by proponents for enclosed lobbies is that smoke infiltrating the elevator shaft and spreading throughout the building may pose a significant life safety threat, even in buildings with a full sprinkler system throughout as currently mandated by the codes.
And yet, for some of the most difficult stories, ethnic lobbies are often the only source of information.
Each group's angling induces its competitors to redouble their efforts, and, as more lobbies dicker and more is invested in lobbying, it becomes all the more important not to be the poor sucker who gets taken to the cleaners.
Against a briefer description of the stultifying influence of lobbies, a look at what has gone right or at least involved fundamental change--the tax reform of 1986, the welfare reform of 1996, the erasure of the federal deficit, the reduction in crime rates--could provide a primer for government reform; or, if Rauch prefers, a more persuasive argument that such change is unlikely, and only possible under exceptional circumstances.
Fair enough, I suppose; but does he, or anyone, imagine that the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, one of the fattest of the fat-cat lobbies, is a selfless tribune of the public good?
According to Tom Birdsey, principal in charge for Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, building owners are placing more importance on lobbies.
is pleased to announce that it is initiating a program to turn building lobbies into art galleries.
As lobbies press the 104th Congress to give banks greater risk-taking powers, while leaving their deposit insurance safety net intact, it's worth remembering what the S&Ls taught us: When special interests, competitive or cozy, come together to make policy, the outcome rarely reflects the common good.
The use of multiple colors of stone in interior lobbies and public restrooms is also a significant new design trend.
But more disturbing is how nonprofit political lobbies like the ACU, already having it so good, have manipulated a tax-law loophole to have it even better - at taxpayer expense.