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Despite this focus on lobbyism, only a few studies in Scandinavia have so far tried to map which politicians, and how many, have actually gone through the revolving door.
Today the most common political movement is considered to be Dashnak Party." Samim Akgonul, "The Armenian Community of France and Turkey: Propaganda and Lobbyism" in Review of Armenian Studies, Vol.
(43) Thus it appears that post-Soeharto e1ite politics are increasingly limited to those commanding sufficient financial resources, with corruption and lobbyism as automatic side effects.
In contrast, lobbyism has been playing an important function--not just only personal contact with journalists but also with politicians: "the actual influence is created in personal conversation, hearings and consultations and not in the press" (B18: 16).
aLegality is the alternative of arbitrariness and lobbyism. Validation of law is the first thing we need to do.
Opposition legislators, on the other hand, have said the move is an act of "lobbyism" benefiting certain businessmen allegedly associated with the government.
The coincidence of party politics, (fragmented) business lobbyism and the dissension between governmental bodies led to a political deadlock, which admitted hardly any policy learning or institutional change.
Opposition lawmakers, on the other hand, called the move an act of "lobbyism" benefiting certain entrepreneurs allegedly affiliated to the government.
Moreover, he stresses he will insist on another considering by the Verkhovna Rada of the Government s position concerning taxation of big business: I want to reconsider certain taxation rates, as several of the rates are artificially high, at this, certain, on the contrary, haven t been enacted as there is lobbyism in the Parliament that trenches on corruption .