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adjective adjacent, adjoining, civic, close, divisional, domestic, limited, localized, municipal, near, nearby, neighborhood, provincial, regional, sectional, surrounding, territorial
Associated concepts: local act, local action, local agent, local application, local assessment, local authorities, local bill, local concern, local improvement, local law, local rules
See also: chapter, domestic, native, organ, provincial, regional

LOCAL. Pertaining to a place; something annexed to the freehold or tied to a certain place; as, local courts, or courts whose jurisdiction is limited to a particular place; local allegiance, or allegiance due while you are in a particular place or country; local taxes, or those which are collected for particular districts.

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Vital parameters and symptoms and signs of local anaesthetic toxicity and complications were recorded till the VAS score was equal to 4 in the immediate postoperative period after TAP block.
Duration of anaesthesia and discomfort at the site of local anaesthetic injection were not assessed.
Examples of commonly used local anaesthetic agents are shown in Table 1.
The amount of oral Tramacet (375 mg paracetamol + 150 mg tramadol) consumed was reduced in the local anaesthetic group compared with controls who received saline (MD -2.
The choice of local anaesthetic (LA) should be restricted to medicines with a longer duration of action.
There are very occasional sideeffects to local anaesthetic but I think it is perhaps more likely the general stress of dental treatment had some effect on the fireman.
The dentist also said he spoke to Evans-Appiah after the tragedy and the anaesthetist told him he'd forgotten to tell police about the local anaesthetic injection.
After a skin wheel with local anaesthetic approximately 1 cm above the mid clavicular point, 22G 5 cm insulated Stimuplex needle was introduced through the skin and directed just above and posterior to the subclavian pulse and advanced slowly in caudal, medial, and posterior direction.
The aim of a peripheral nerve block is to deposit an effective dose (and not more) of the local anaesthetic around the target nerve to be blocked.
Injecting 1 ml of local anaesthetic should abolish the twitch.
Consultant Mr Ravindra Karsandras, known to his patients at Hexham General Hospital as Mr Ravindra, has carried out 1,000 hernia procedures under local anaesthetic.

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