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The report, 'Telecom Access Reform: Widespread Support May be Impossible,' is a supplement to a Fitch Ratings special report titled 'The Potential VoIP Effect on the Local Exchange Carrier Industry,' released May 2004.
These factors include, but are not limited to: our ability to successfully introduce and commercialize our products; our ability to penetrate the independent operating company (IOC), incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), inter-exchange carrier (IXC), and international postal, telephone and telegraph (PTT) service provider markets with our products; our ability to initiate and successfully complete laboratory trials with our current and prospective customers; our ability to compete effectively with other vendors of telecommunications equipment; our ability to keep pace with rapidly changing product requirements; and factors affecting the demand for DSL technologies, operations support system technologies, and other broadband access technologies.
In addition to significant deployment cost efficiencies, local exchange competitors also have the opportunity to take advantage of the 'lightly' regulated Internet, according to the report.
While these growth opportunities may be of lower margin then traditional local exchange services, the top-line growth potential is important.
Two years ago they moved to a new facility to prepare for the deployment of a next generation switch that would allow them to implement GR-303, PRI and out-of-territory CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) solutions.
Enabling Its Network of 180 Independent Local Exchanges to Use
Bentley, however, has not only recognized the critical role local exchanges fulfill, but made it the cornerstone of its business strategy, by setting up its Bentley Crump Barter System of 180 independent local exchanges that can now collaborate in an online global online network using Bentley's VirtualBarter software and have their own locally branded identity.

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