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Wide local excision for anal GIST: A case report and review of literature.
Local excision of the lesion with solid margins is generally preferred treatment method, considering that 75% of mucoepidermoid tumors are low-grade and rarely metastasise.
Hence, the mainstay of treatment for PMA is a wide local excision with free surgical margins.
Secondary surgery was performed in March 2006, consisting in wide local excision (Figure 6) sparing the neurovascular bundle laterally and the digit sheath medially, with 14 biopsy specimens.
Later on, various modifications have been described, one of them being its elevation based on perforators to maximize flap mobilization.[10] In this case of presentation for reconstruction of the gluteal defect following wide local excision of the MCC with 2 cm of tumor-free margins, a fasciocutaneous flap in a V-Y advancement fashion based on the perforators of the inferior gluteal and profunda femoris artery was planned.
The sections cover hemorrhoidectomy, anal fistula, rectovaginal fistula, operations for fecal incontinence, perineal prolapse repair, sphincterotomy--lateral, presacral tumors, local excision of rectal carcinoma, rectocele, muscle flaps, and anal and pilonidal flaps.
Putti and Tato (8) reported that local recurrence developed after local excision in two cases with glomus tumors located in the anterior region of the patella, and they attributed this situation to the insufficient excision of the tumor.
Treatment with wide local excision as soon as the diagnosis is established should remain the mainstay of treatment.
To assess the impact of operative approach on outcome, patients were divided into three cohorts: local excision, anatomical resection, and extended en bloc resection.
Furthermore, Breslow thickness acts as the basis of wide local excision (WLE) margins [5].
The main treatment especially in an early stage is radical or wide local excision and bilateral inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy in patients whose depth of tumor invasion measures more than one mm.
The possibility of wide local excision and good local control makes it different from intraabdominal and head and neck STS.