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None of the 3 patients who underwent wide local excision survived.
The treatment of synovial sarcomas is wide local excision with negative margins and postoperative irradiation to reduce the risk of locoregional recurrence.
Of the 26 patients with clinical stage I/II disease, 23 (88%) had undergone primary site resection by wide local excision and 2 (8%) had not; no surgical information was available on the remaining patient.
Of the 11 patients with T2 lesions, 9 underwent surgery--4 underwent wide local excision, 3 composite resection (1 with a superficial parotidectomy), and 2 marginal mandibulectomy.
With any treatment, however, patients and physicians should be aware of the risk of recurrence; for vulvectomy, partial vulvectomy, local excision, and laser ablation, recurrences were seen at rates of 19%, 18%, 22%, and 23%, respectively, in a review of 3,322 patients.
Given the benign nature of epithelioid hemangioma, treatment with complete local excision should be curative.
With multicentric atypical papillomas spanning a large area of the right breast, local excision or lumpectomy had the potential of leaving behind disease and would have certainly resulted in suboptimal cosmetic outcome.
The Oncotype DX DCIS Breast Cancer Test is also appropriate for women with newly diagnosed pre-invasive or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ of the Breast (DCIS) who are treated with local excision, with or without adjuvant tamoxifen therapy.
The following Tuesday I was admitted to the hospital and had a wide local excision - I was very lucky as the tumour was tiny.
The patient subsequently underwent wide local excision of the lesion from the right breast and subsequent bilateral mammoplasty.
In the largest published case series, there was a 19% recurrence rate for lesions treated with local excision [7].
By way of advice, Dr Grace, who has undergone a lumpectomy (a wide local excision surgery in which only the tumour and some surrounding tissue is removed), said that women should heed their instinct.

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