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Wide local excision of the involved axillary skin along with 1cm margin of normal skin was excised in all the patients.
The patient under went an open local excision of this well capsulated tumour and post operative histopathology showed the leiomyoma.
Of these, six patients had a wide local excision (WLE) and six patients required localization with a ROLL, for an impalpable lesion.
Fat grafting (FG) is a useful adjunct in breast reconstruction to correct defects after wide local excision (WLE) and post mastectomy reconstructions (PMR) patients.
8) Wide local excision is the treatment of choice for benign GCT.
Using a wide local excision to completely remove lesions with a pathologically clear margin reduces a patient's risk of recurrence for disease compared to those excisions with positive margins.
6-8) Treatment of pleomorphic adenoma is aggressive local surgery with wide local excision extending at least 1/2 cm beyond the visible tumor margin.
The procedure of incision and lying open (sinotomy) involves local excision of the midline sinuses, extending into the central cavity and laying open lateral tracts.
Since local excision and pathological analysis were definitive in this case, elaborate immunohistochemical analysis of the lesion was not performed.
With multicentric atypical papillomas spanning a large area of the right breast, local excision or lumpectomy had the potential of leaving behind disease and would have certainly resulted in suboptimal cosmetic outcome.
With post-operative oral antifungal administration, local excision, regular dressings followed by a split skin graft, this patient's condition improved.
Wide local excision alone is appropriate for T1 and early T2 lesions that can be excised with a 1 cm margin.

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