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NGKF Capital Markets Executive Managing Director Ken Szady was the local representative for the seller.
com before confirming with your local representative
4 billion loan package, met in Manzini yesterday with the local representative, Robert Shongwe.
Services of a local representative Organised by Preferred Travel Services Ltd Christmas on the Costa Brava from Bristol Airport 23 December 8 days frompounds 689.
James will be the local representative for all customers in Ohio.
their former local representative, reports DR1 Daily News (July 2, 2007).
For a foreign firm to own a Japanese subsidiary, the local representative needs to provide substantial proof, in Japanese, of the foreign firm's existence.
She also is the founder and local representative of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in England.
Daniel has been selected to serve a second term on MBA's board of directors as the State & Local representative, and as holder of the seat will also serve as chairman of the State & Local Advisory Council.
InterTour is the local representative of a number of well-known travel companies, including Marriott hotels.
In Billings, Montana, a May 30 rock concert sponsored by two drug policy reform groups was canceled on the day of the show after a local representative of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) told the venue's owners they could be liable under the new law if anyone smoked pot at the event.
In May 2002, there were glimmerings of light in the minds of the municipal voters of the London borough of Newham who elected Alan Craig of the Christian Peoples' Alliance (equivalent to Canada's Christian Heritage Party) as their local representative to the municipal council.