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V race wasn't the only one where confusion almost kept a local representative from winning.
Valley power: Seven of the eight teams remaining in the City bracket are from the Valley, ensuring there will be at least one local representative in the final for the 32nd consecutive year.
DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE A local representative from the Portland-based Western Council of Industrial Workers (WCIW) will discuss protecting jobs as well as endangered species before the Democratic National Committee (DNC) platform hearings.
Crespi (14-3) was the first local representative to reach the tournament final since Simi Valley won in 1993.
This and other information is contained in the free prospectus, which can be obtained from your local representative.
But it later became a district bill because it specifically addresses CLWA and should have been carried by a local representative, said Knight, who met with CLWA General Manager Robert Sagehorn to discuss that concern.
For further information, please contact Silver Telecom or their local representative.
The game was to create a local representative house, to balance the autocrats of the City Council.
NGKF Capital Markets Executive Managing Director Ken Szady was the local representative for the seller.
com before confirming with your local representative
By that, it allows the marketing manager, translator and local representative work in collaboration on the same platform for the purpose of seamless localization.
4 billion loan package, met in Manzini yesterday with the local representative, Robert Shongwe.