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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 (1) requires that each federal district court authorize, by local rule, the use of ADR in "all civil actions, including adversary proceedings in bankruptcy.
Yesterday they introduced a local rule relaxing the usual decree but Storm said: "It's confusing because when they first explained it they said if you address the ball then it moves in the wind you won't be penalised.
If it comes to that and the judge agrees to continue to suspend local rule, here's a suggestion for Villaraigosa and the other board members: Disband the MTA and reorganize the system on a broader, regional basis.
But Parker is quick to point out that certain factors that make community quotas work for Alaska's fisheries--which have a long-standing tradition of both local rule and federal pork barrel spending--may not apply elsewhere.
The seven substantive chapters cover language phenomena (Chapters 2-3), community organization and forms of local rule (Chapters 4 and 6), social and economic relations (Chapters 5 and 7), the sacral realm (Chapter 8), and the construction of ethnic difference and Mixtec self-identity (Chapter 9).
It also requires local rule enforcers--most of them county officials--to track complaints against businesses with stockpiles of material and gives officials more authority to shut down facilities operating illegally.
The newly minted protectors of local rule find themselves demanding: "Why should Washington dictate marriage standards for Massachusetts and California?
The proposed local rule stipulates: "No settlement agreement filed with the court shall be sealed pursuant to the terms of this rule.
Because there was a great deal of debate about certain categories of disclosure, the 1993 amendment permitted federal district courts to "opt out," by local rule or order, of certain categories of disclosure.
Kim Radcliff of Orlando, FL at 407-649-9192 as local counsel under Local Rule 2.
The change will apply to EWGA medals, the Australian Spoons and the PING Fourball Betterball Tournament at club level - provided there is a local rule in place allowing the use of DMDs.
Rory's actions were correct and it's a local rule that's in effect on a lot of courses like Huntingdale and also including Carnoustie where the British Open was held this year.

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