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June 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Unicode(R) Consortium announced today the release of new versions of the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR 1.
Bland said he always enjoyed retirement guidebooks, which rate locales based on quality-of-life issues, but never envisioned writing one himself.
Anna Hospital, Como, Italy; and ([dagger]) Department of Prevention, Azienda Sanitaria Locale, Como, Italy
Just as brides and grooms seek recommendations for dresses and tuxes, so do they need ideas for honeymoon locales.
Among the 15 locales studied, the lowest proportion of myositis patients with DM was found in Glasgow, Scotland (26.
When I came to Wilberforce some years ago from teaching at the University of New Mexico, I had heard in advance from a colleague that the Wilberforce community was linked originally also with William Dean Howells, an assiduous novelist who started a communitarian locale nearby in Sugarcreek (the remains of which I then investigated); Howells reviewed Dunbar's work and thus notably assisted him in achieving considerable status.
In any place, locale, or region, Thuillier believes that there exist whole worlds to be studied and preserved.
Region specific logic and rules are required to accurately match patient, provider, and related information in non-United States-English languages and/or non-US locales.
L'annee 2016 serait celle de la performance pour la finance locale grace aux reformes introduites par la loi de finances complementaire (LFC) pour 2015 et a d'autres mesures proposees pour la loi de finances pour 2016, a indique, dimanche dernier, un responsable au ministere de l'Interieur et des Collectivites locales.
Mais le plus important pour lui c'est de mener un travail en profondeur afin de changer les mentalites de la population locale qui doit, enfin, prendre conscience de la primaute de l'interet general en tant que prerogative principale des presidents de communes.
Contract notice: Race interaziendale by open for the award of a three-year supply of consumables for dentistry required the company sanitaria locale al, azienda sanitaria locale at and to the local health hospital ss antonio e biagio e cesare arrigo of alexandria.
La participation croissante de la femme marocaine a la gestion de la chose locale reflete l'importance qu'attache le Royaume a l'acces des femmes aux postes de decision, convaincu qu'il s'agit la d'un pilier essentiel pour promouvoir le processus democratique base sur la bonne gouvernance.