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MFM's Localism events are designed to offer members an opportunity for education and networking in their local community.
attempts to grapple with the dilemma of localism have fallen along
Distrust, much competition, violence, insecurity, and fear combined to create intense and often violent localism. Despite some editing issues and few comparisons to other frontier regions, Barr's work presents in rich detail the origins of American individualism, violent treatment of Native Americans, and western policy.
In a thoroughly internationalised world, Localism restates the vitally important role of a local focus in the development of art and society.
In the UK the concept of localism was first taken up and developed by Labour: decentralisation and the 'new localism' rhetoric was a cornerstone of the last Labour administration, which aimed at implementing a double devolution: a shift of power from the centre to local government; and a shift from local to neighbourhood level, achieved through the empowerment of local communities and new community politics.
I focus on local power over marijuana sales because it is the most salient localism battleground today.
This is true of localism as a whole: many conservatives and liberals alike look at the movement with suspicion and distrust.
These political strategies of localism attribute democratic value to scalar constructions in a technology of spatial governmentality (Gibson, 2001).
The Conservative-led coalition welcomes localisation and we introduced the Localism Act with the objective of devolving power to the lowest possible level.
(277) Due to localism's legal prowess, local entities perpetuate economic advantages through exclusionary zoning systems or by providing incentives to attract commerce and boost tax bases.
"Top down decision maKing doesn't fit in with localism, but it doesn't mean that the council can go their own way and have the freedom to maKe unfettered decisions.
Despite the categorical title, Sharzer is not condemning the benefits of local action, but pointing out localism's inadequacies and contradictions as a model of social change.