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LOCALITY, Scotch law. This name is given to a life rent created in marriage contracts in favor of the wife, instead of leaving her to her legal life rent of terce. 1 Bell's Com. 55. See Jointure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Zone C was divided in to six localities. First locality was Rata (33o36.81'N and 73o65.96'E) at the distance of 70 Km from Mirpur district.
"Our latest Magicbricks PropIndex for April-June 2017 reveals that the quarter has remained positive as 55percent of the 750 localities that we cover, witnessed an average price increase of 2.8percent.
Electoral lists in 18 other localities are expected to win by acclamation due to having only one nominated list in each, said the CEC.
They said that power facility was being provided to local residents from Lakki city-II feeder and sudden decision by local PESCO official to shift both urban localities to the rural feeder was not acceptable to them.
This could be one of the reasons that there is no water supply in posh localities. The situation in other areas is normal at the moment," said Huda administrator Hardeep Singh.
Type localities were divided into groups based on their known ages (e.g., a 65mya to 70mya group).
Localities were numbered and they are provided in the appendix and Fig.
There are two very common problems connected with localities that cause a lot of difficulty for collectors and dealers.
The Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza states that in an influenza pandemic, the primary response will come from states and localities. To assist them with pandemic planning and exercising, Congress has provided $600 million to states and certain localities.
Namely, smaller businesses that currently collect and remit state sales taxes based on a single rate (as determined by their location) under an origin-based system would be required to determine, collect and remit taxes based on the rates in their customers' localities using a destination-based system.