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Glossophaga soricina--Specimens examined: locality 51 (9, CRD 2821-2829); locality 55 (3 CRD 2203-2204, 2507).
3) There was statistical indication for differences in the degree of superstitious beliefs related to marital status among working women in East- Nile locality.
It corresponds to Deussen's (1924) locality 255, and is recognizable as Penrose's Bombshell Bluff, which he placed 2 miles (3.
Locality Adjustment Doesn't Consider Geographical Costs of Living
A second potential problem with Westoby's examples is that they show convergence in species diversity at a locality size approaching 1 ha.
They demonstrate the problems inherent in asking contract auditors to attempt to serve two masters - the locality and their private clients.
The Commissioner of the locality welcomed the delegation, revealing that the locality has a comparative advantage in the cultivation of horticultural crops, stressing that the state government encourages the increase of production and productivity and to achieve that agricultural associations for the citizens were formed, adding that the continental road, Omdurman-Bara added great value to the process of marketing and export.
The lots in P314 Contract 2 were as follows: Lot 1 Locality Based Intervention Worker Services for NEETs in North Birmingham.
Hastsal Village was the only locality from this group where no infected mosquito was found.
The report said that illiteracy rates varied according to locality.
Locality placement error can be reduced through high-resolution scanning of p-t sheets, topographic maps, and registration of published maps, all integrated with geographic information system (GIS) technology, and available Navajo Mine maps (courtesy of O.