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LOCAL. Pertaining to a place; something annexed to the freehold or tied to a certain place; as, local courts, or courts whose jurisdiction is limited to a particular place; local allegiance, or allegiance due while you are in a particular place or country; local taxes, or those which are collected for particular districts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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All 300 patients fulfilling the inclusion/exclusion criteria were included to find out post-operative hypotony after 23-gauge vitrectomy with locally made instruments.
Catamco said she will also be asking the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of North Cotabato to pass an ordinance that will require wet markets and department stores to allot space for locally made products, as her administration will start the aggressive 'Buy North Cotabato-Made Products' campaign
'By assembling more of our brands locally we are supporting the Government Big four agenda in the manufacturing sector,' Alexander added.
Locally.com is the intersection where brands, retailers and shoppers meet, bringing the convenience of ecommerce to the local shopping experience.
Apart from this, the petroleum development levy imposed on locally produced LPG amounted to Rs4,667 per ton.
In last eight months (July-February) of current financial year, 602 buses were locally assembled as compared the 487 buses of the same period of last year.
'To encourage enterprises to raise the localisation rate [local part supply rate], lower product prices and improve the competitiveness of domestic automakers against imported ones, the ministry has proposed a special consumption tax calculation for locally assembled cars with nine seats or fewer that will be based on the automakers' selling price, but with the value of locally manufactured parts subtracted,' the ministry said in its document.
Janaarthany Ahilawanar, director of AAE Retail LTD (who run the store), said: "Our customers make this possible through their support of our Making a Difference Locally products and we are proud to be able to support worthy local causes such as this.
The xDrive40i and the xDrive30d variants will be locally assembled and launched in September 2019.
A jockey riding bulls with carts during the traditional sport bull race locally called "pacu jawi" in Pariangan.
Under the SRP guidelines, agreed upon by the Department of Agriculture, rice farmers, millers, traders and retailers, rice sold in the retail markets would be identified accordingly as imported or locally produced.
GIB is now in its final stages of completing the necessary steps to convert its branches into a locally incorporated bank in Saudi Arabia, GIB's largest market.

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