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LOCAL. Pertaining to a place; something annexed to the freehold or tied to a certain place; as, local courts, or courts whose jurisdiction is limited to a particular place; local allegiance, or allegiance due while you are in a particular place or country; local taxes, or those which are collected for particular districts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Wazen "Focusing its core media in terms of "localness" of the UAE will strengthen and leverage the relationships, information, and public knowledge."
Mostyn is 12 miles from us, hence the name of our soup which really emphasises to our customers the 'localness' of our food.
She sees the revolution in cheese as part of an artisanal food renaissance, or Switzerland's newfound confidence in identity and pride in localness. Ultimately, this has engendered "lots of (new) products flexing their muscles."
(25) Emma Widdis meanwhile shows how Stalinist films made local space Soviet; filmmakers worked on "embedding localness within the 'symbolic realm' of Sovietness." (26) A recent Russian work investigates how Catherine the Great came to terms with the vast space of the Volga region both by mental maps and legal projects.
"Localness" is specific to an individual institution and its location and culture.
Pointing to the popularity of Meatless Mondays at Mario Batali's restaurants and an increasing number of eateries around the country, HartmanSalt further predicts that the trend of "over-the-top localness" will result in "an influx in higher-quality, more consciously produced vegetable dishes at prepared food departments, food service, and in CPG products in the coming year."
The New Landscape altered Ming and Qing society's conservative "localness" and constructed the "publicness" of modern Taiwanese society, expressing a more diverse, modern, and ordered lifestyle.
They recognized their mission of localness and tried hard to meet it, which I found impressive," said Doug Clifton, former editor of The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer and The Miami Herald, who was one of the four judges.
Radio was local in those early years, and that localness is another major factor of the medium's resiliency and success over the past nine decades.
And yet, her grandmother insisted she acknowledge both her haoleness and her localness, in all their messiness, rather than continue striving for some ideal 'harmonious unity.'
On the social networking site Facebook, one member of the Pennine FM group, Dave Nightingale, wrote: "After taking over the licence in May last year - and in these days of radio from 100 miles away (aka Heart) - I desperately hoped that a station like Pennine would ride out the storm and their localness would start listeners in Huddersfield tuning away from the heritage stations in the area.