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He could see officers and men moving about in them and almost in front of him a well-hidden machine gun was traversing No Man's Land in an oblique direction, striking the British at such an angle as to make it difficult for them to locate it.
What hideous trials might they not have undergone during those seven awful days that nature had thwarted him in his endeavours to locate them?
The thing, whatever it might be, gave forth no sound now by which Gahan might locate it.
They had looked in vain for the owner of the voice which had frightened off the men who had been detailed to put the torch to the huts, but not even the keenest eye among them had been able to locate him.
On each creek he was entitled to locate one claim, but he was chary in thus surrendering up his chances.
Passing by one of the dressing tents I glanced in through a hole in the canvas to see if I could locate him.