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Many mold-component suppliers offer various combinations of the different types of locating rings mentioned above.
Caption: FIG 1 Cross-Section of Standard Locating Ring:
The basic type of locating ring can properly align a mold to a platen, but it is not user-friendly, especially on large molds.
Caption: FIG 2 Cross-Section of Extended Locating Ring:
Locating rings with a tapered or extended lead-in are always a welcome sight for the setup men on the production floor, as they make it faster and easier to position the mold in the machine.
Added McIntosh, 'People need to understand that line locating is not an exact science.
The lines are being buried deeper, and there are depth limitations with any piece of locating equipment.
'When a line is mismarked due to human error, it's usually because something else was amiss.' He added, 'The most difficult aspect of line locating is mistakenly marking other utilities as your own.
'The most significant improvement in locating equipment within the last five years is the ability to show continuous depth readings,' Berry said.
Added Lanzafame, 'Digital locating equipment with multiple frequencies that allow different types of utilities to be located from one instrument is a big improvement to the equipment.'
McIntosh is optimistic about the future of line locating. "Our industry has become more aggressive in the past five years because of the evolution of One-Call Centers and their damage awareness and prevention programs, as well as the increase in the amount of utilities being placed in the ground," he said.
Berry said, "Contract locating is a growing industry.