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[Latin, Place; place where a thing is performed or done.]

For example, the locus delicti is the place where an accident or crime occurred.


(low-cuss) n. Latin for "place," it means "place which" this or that occurred.


‘place’ or ‘area’.

LOCUS. The place where a thing is done.

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Morethan 56228 microsatellite loci with at least 4 repeats of mono-nucleotide to hexa-nucleotide motifs were detected (Table I).
Three loci (Mmt01, Mmt37, and Mmt45) showed significant departures from HWE after sequential Bonferroni correction (P < 0.05).
Because of the low genetic diversity at Glu-D3, no allele specific markers were developed (Liu et al., 2010), and the effect of Glu-D3 on bread making quality is also negligible as compared to other Glu-3 loci (Gupta et al., 1989; Zhang et al., 2012).
However, no mutation event was observed for DYS19, DYS389I, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS437, DYS348, DYS439, DYS448, DYS456, DYS458, DYS635, and Y-GATA-H4 loci analyzed.
Regionalized alleles and low levels of heterozygosity shown at a small number of loci is likely the result of population isolation along the Missouri River.
Noticeable geographic clustering was observed at some of the loci, with specimens from China forming 1-2 groups at each of these loci.
The sum of all the loci probabilities within the contingency tables was used to generate a rejection zone.
Aunque estudios previos han sugerido que MIRU-VNTR 24 loci posee mejor discriminacion que el metodo de espoligotipaje, fue en el presente estudio que por primera vez se aplicaba la tecnica a gran escala con los diferentes genotipos encontrados en Venezuela por la tecnica de espoligotipaje.
Fortunately, the current publicly available whole-genome datasets such as in the 1000 Genomes Project do not have informative CODIS STR loci for the majority of individuals.
Follow-up studies on Q gene from these three homoeologous loci will be needed for further research of wheat, but the full length of Q gene from each locus is 3.2-3.4 kb, which makes it difficult to verify them from each other by PCR and electrophoresis.
Our aim in stratifying was to identify possible gene-gene interaction between the novel loci we identified and these HLA alleles, since we had previously identified the alleles' differential effect on complications risk [10].
SNP loci of GH, GHR, and IGF-1 gene fragments in three pig breeds