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The river stretched out straight before us in the twilight for about a mile; not a ghost of a lock was to be seen.
I said that the fact evidently was that I was not rowing as fast as I fancied I was, but that we should soon reach the lock now; and I pulled on for another mile.
It was a good, reliable map; and, besides, I recollected the lock myself.
I still went on pulling, however, and still no lock came in sight, and the river grew more and more gloomy and mysterious under the gathering shadows of night, and things seemed to be getting weird and uncanny.
If you and your family do not want to ever lock the lock again, the fingerprint lock is a perfect solution.
Only the Poe Lock is large enough to handle 70 percent of the cargo that passes through the Locks.
The Big Book of Wooden Locks: Complete Plans for Nine Working Wooden Locks
Have the lock timeouts or deadlocks started recently?
The protruding, arrow-shaped ribs mechanically lock the lining to the Arrow-Lock Mastic.
Even if a burglar attempts to breaK-in, this locK is so secure it cannot be broKen and even if it is slightly damaged, the door can still be locKed and unlocKed by the home owner until repaired.
It is interesting to note that there was a big industry of lock making in Gujrat.