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Pezzella added, "Right now in most districts, the standardized response to an active shooter, as evidenced by Sandy Hook, is to lock down and wait for law enforcement.
In order to successfully lock down your retirement, three questions should be answered:
Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), a leading developer of cross domain, operating system and network security solutions, today announced a partnership with IPKeys Technologies (IPKeys) to resell Security Blanket([R]), TCS's award-winning, automated, operating system lock down tool.
They have an established presence in numerous companies that may not be aware of the enormous cost and resource savings that Security Blanket provides by automating the lock down of multiple operating systems.
The webcast will provide IT professionals with best practices for planning, implementing and maintaining effective operating system (OS) lock down.
Some local schools lock down until the alert expires.
The court noted that there was not evidence that the previous incident involved sexual misconduct and the officials had disciplined the officer and changed lock down procedures following the investigation.
The Company's portfolio of security products include the SecureOffice([R]) Suite, a group of cross domain solutions that allow the secure transfer and sharing of information; Security Blanket([R]), an industry award-winning operating system lock down and security management tool; and CounterStorm[TM], a behavioral, statistical and content-based anomaly detection system that rapidly identifies targeted and zero day attacks.
Officials at Castaic and some Newhall School District schools lock down their campuses to prevent escapees from entering.
System administrators with responsibility for lock down and policy assurance can be assigned a higher level of functional authority than security officers who may only need access to assessment and baseline reports.