lock up

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The other attribute of match bolt carriers was for either increased bearing surface and/or fatter dimensions that, again, were purported to result in more consistency in lock ups and positioning.
Similarly, the traffic police have registered cases against more than 2000 motorcyclists and have sent them to lock ups, said Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf while talking to media on Friday.
The Chief Commissioner Islamabad should make interim arrangements to keep the prisoners in judicial lock ups near Sector G-11.
Sources said Shehryar Afridi arrived at PS Pirwadhai at 12:15am and checked the police record, Roznamcha and frisked the lock ups, where he found several citizens detained by the police.
Contract Award Notice: Description of buildings to be demolished:Row of terraced lock ups. Construction consists of external common brickwork/blockwork cavity walling with metal sheeted roofing on timber framing with internal ceiling sheeting (AIB) and blockwork party walls.
ISLAMABAD, September 04, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): Islamabad Police have planned to improve the situation at lock ups and try to address the attitude of prisoners so that they should not become habitual criminals and merge in normal society gently with the commitment not to become part of any criminal activity in future.