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The load area can also be accessed directly via the cabin's lockable door.
Its lockable, drop-point blade is made of strong CPM S30V stainless steel, and it features a low-profile flexcuff cutter that snaps neatly into the knife's frame when it isn't in use.
Adjustable leg heights and lockable caster wheels are optional.
But for two gifted 11-year-olds, bolting together a scale model of a warehouse complete with working lift and lockable doors is child's play.
The wireless mouse (pounds 39.99) really looks the part and is adjustable to offer the perfect fit, while the keyboard (pounds 59.99) has backlighting and lockable Windows keys.
The lockable device is made of anti-cut material to foil thieves and can locate an animal even if it inside a building.
Enclosure options for the DMM-1500 include a 2U rack-mountable chassis, a lockable wall-mount chassis and a stand-alone enclosure.--CoVi Technologies
The furniture glides effortlessly on non-marring, lockable casters.
Other options include heavy-duty lockable safety casters.
Homeowners are being advised to fit a lockable gate onto side entrances and also use a padlock.
Also introduced were two new Performance flat panel LCDs that offer higher contrast ratios, faster response times, increased brightness, height adjustable stands, an energy efficient design, intuitive control menu and optional lockable speaker bar.
* An 8.5-[ft.sup.3] lockable trunk located under the rear portion of the bed that can swallow three golf bags or double as a massive cooler for tailgating.