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As the hammer comes off the toe turn, your shoulders should be level and your trapezius and latissimus muscles locked down.
The following schools were locked down for less than an hour while police searched for the suspect: Willamette High, Cascade Middle, Shasta Middle, Malabon Elementary and Clear Lake Elementary.
Since the first fight, authorities have locked down Los Angeles County's entire 18,000-inmate jail system, hoping to quell further violence.
ELMIRA - Administrators locked down Elmira High School on Tuesday shortly after school was let out while sheriff's deputies responded to a call of a suicidal subject, a school administrator said.
Data that is commonly locked down includes financial and other digital records, e-mails, medical images, and data related to private information that is generated across various industry segments, including government, financial services, healthcare, technology, and energy.
The Los Angeles Convention Center was locked down and then evacuated Saturday after a disturbance was reported outside, authorities said.
OAKRIDGE - An Oakridge school was locked down twice on Monday after a student reported seeing a man, possibly armed with a gun, and other students said they saw the man again later in the day.
According to the inmate, he was told that because of "your medical condition, and you having AIDS, you're going to be locked down.
Speak" has locked down the #1 spot for 9 straight weeks, which makes this their fourth #1 at Active Rock radio, affirming Godsmack as the only rock band to have scored 13 Top 10 hits in the format.