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As the hammer comes off the toe turn, your shoulders should be level and your trapezius and latissimus muscles locked down.
The following schools were locked down for less than an hour while police searched for the suspect: Willamette High, Cascade Middle, Shasta Middle, Malabon Elementary and Clear Lake Elementary.
ROSAMOND - Hamilton Elementary School and Rosamond High School were locked down for about an hour Monday after two young men, one believed to have been armed, were chased by a sheriff's deputy.
Christian Hosoi went back to court in Honolulu, HI where the judge ordered him to be locked down for 41 months.
We even have a mobile version, Keys-On-Wheels, that can be rolled out on the car lot and locked down, giving sales personnel quick access to vehicle keys.
I've been trying to visit him, and every time I go, it's locked down,'' said Riganian, 21, whose boyfriend is at the Pitchess Detention Center's North County Correctional Facility, where a 2,000-inmate riot Feb.
ELMIRA - Administrators locked down Elmira High School on Tuesday shortly after school was let out while sheriff's deputies responded to a call of a suicidal subject, a school administrator said.
According to the inmate, he was told that because of "your medical condition, and you having AIDS, you're going to be locked down.