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Then I heard a key inserted and turned in the lock behind me.
The characteristic sound of a key worrying in the lock stole into my ears.
And as she leaned down to drink, the lock of hair fell from her bosom, and floated away with the water.
A gay young lord had stolen a lock of a beautiful young lady's hair, and she was so angry about it that there was a coolness between the two families.
I heard him open his door, and bang it to, and lock it.
The doctor and the debtor ran down-stairs, leaving the turnkey to return to the lock, and made for the debtor's room.
I looked for the key, but it was not in the lock, and I could not find it anywhere.
There now," said Eugenie, "while I change my costume do you lock the portmanteau.
I will begin with you, Sunny Lock," added she, turning to a lovely little Elf, who lay among the fragrant leaves of a primrose.
When both the animals had been safely put under lock and key, he felt that he might breathe more freely.
The lock was silver, though tarnished from age; at each end were the imperfect remains of handles also of silver, broken perhaps prematurely by some strange violence; and, on the centre of the lid, was a mysterious cipher, in the same metal.
IT was while passing through Moulsey Lock that Harris told me about his maze experience.