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As well as Locomotion No.1's maiden journey, the show also features a full-size castle that rises out of the ground, pyrotechnics, special effects and complex light and sound programmes.
The 45-year-old explained: "It was so strange, after Locomotion came out I had people singing it down the street at me, or running after me thinking I was Kylie.
She told us: "Locomotion attracts around 200,000 visitors every year, far exceeding the 60,000 annual visitors that were Rail anticipated when the museum opened in 2004.
On the other hand, the robot's control system tends to get some inspiration from the animal's locomotion neural system.
In "(http://www.spoilersguide.com/big-bang-theory/season-10-episode-15-the-locomotion-reverberation-promo/) The Locomotion Reverberation ," Leonard and Howard realize that Sheldon is slowing down the progress of their invention.
The control strategy of LittleDog includes three parts, a system that learns optimal footholds choices, a body trajectory optimizer and a floating-base inverse dynamics controller, which allows the LittleDog to perform a fast locomotion over the rough terrain.
The different solutions, independent of the locomotion systems adopted for the stair-climbing ability [3], can be classified according to ISO 7176-28 [4], which considers wheelchair functionality, as summarized in Figure 1.
Employee locomotion constitutes the aspect of individual self-regulation concerned with the psychological and physical "movement from state to state, including commitment of psychological resource to initiate and maintain such movement" (Kruglanski et al., 2000, p.
NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM AT SHILDON Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon will be hosting a number of special events and activities.
* The loss or loss of use of both lower extremities, such as to preclude locomotion without the aid of braces, crutches, canes or a wheelchair
The plenary presentations for CLAWAR 2015 discuss infrastructure robotics: opportunities and challenges, cognition-inspired robot learning and control, biologically inspired miniature jumping robots from design to control, and understanding animal locomotion using biologically inspired robotics and soft robotics.