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LOCUM TENENS. He who holds the place of another, a deputy; as A B, locum tenens of C D, mayor of the city of Philadelphia.

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This farce has arisen because they wish to treat all locums as employees - even though the local boy has been self-employed for more than 40 years, and HMRC agree that he still is.
Since locum doctors working at the hospital's core are key players in the provision of high-quality healthcare services, their work engagement is vital for organisations and it is critical to learn more about them.
Healthcare recruitment company My Locum Choice said on Tuesday that it proposes to launch its fundraising campaign via Invesdor - www.
The evening event consists of a peer discussion on practising safely, which will consider how to meet a practitioner's obligations to patients when working as a locum.
Reporting and exchange should take place with locums internal environmental controller continuously throughout the project.
In 2002, about 26,000 physicians did locum tenens work.
5% of all physicians are psychiatrists, [so] the fact that behavioral health professionals are the third most utilized type of locum tenens provider underlines the acute shortage of providers in this field, " the report noted.
For all three sites the current middle grade on-call rota is unsustainable and fragile, it is completely reliant on locum staff.
Hospitals were turning more and more to locum agencies to provide doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, technicians and specialist such as CRNAs.
Dr Peter Bennie, chairman of BMA Scotland, said: "The NHS in Scotland have been facing serious difficulties in recruiting and retaining doctors for some time and this increase in expenditure on locum staff is further evidence that this problem is a growing one.
Figures today reveal all the region's hospital trusts all saw an increase in payments to agency and locum staff during the past 12 months, just as the NHS prepares to face its toughest winter for years.
PATIENT campaigners have hit out after it emerged an NHS locum doctor will pocket PS468,056 in wages this year.