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LOCUM TENENS. He who holds the place of another, a deputy; as A B, locum tenens of C D, mayor of the city of Philadelphia.

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But Health Secretary Shona Robison said: "The use of locum staff allows NHS boards to respond to periods of absence.
Trusts say they are now looking at ways they can reduce spending on locum and agency workers.
A Department of Health spokesman said: "It is always the responsibility of the employing body to ensure that a locum appointment has the necessary skills and experience to effectively carry out their duties.
The number of facilities using locum tenens physicians rose from 72% in 2009 to 85% in 2010.
London, who practices in New York City and is not a locum tenens physician, said that being a temporary physician is sometimes a good opportunity for older physicians who no longer want to work full time.
Mbuli pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that his locum was a qualified doctor.
With so many weak links in the chain, it is unsurprising that hospitals are often sent locum doctors who are inappropriate in terms of experience, qualifications, immigration status and fatigue.
Dr Buchanan is a member of the Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce Locum Issues Group, which made recommendations to the government to fix the crisis in mid-2005.
Last night it emerged Dr Anyetei had worked as a locum consultant paediatrician at St Thomas' Hospital in south east London since Christmas.
As a parting gift to patients in the Outer Hebrides, the locum doctor has ordered that the car be sold to the highest bidder to raise cash for a hard-up local hospice.
Advanstar Medical Economics (AME; Montvale, NJ), the largest independent medical publisher in the United States and a division of Advanstar Communications (New York), has launched a new publication and website targeting locum tenens (LT) physicians.
The dull beige computer monitor pictured in Ad Hoc Locum (Complete System), 2005, is technologically outmoded, while the pile of soil in Ad Hoc Locum (Ficus), 2004, as the residue of landscaping, indicates that there's a corresponding hole somewhere.