Locum tenens

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LOCUM TENENS. He who holds the place of another, a deputy; as A B, locum tenens of C D, mayor of the city of Philadelphia.

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MedCentric now offers flexible and personalized per-diem, part-time and full-time Locum Tenens service under Shift Physicians to its provider network and to new and existing clients to meet their needs.
The locum tenens segment is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period.
In the new senior position, Decker will oversee the company's growth strategy as well as lead the leadership of its locum tenens brands, including Staff Care and Locum Leaders.
In 2002, about 26,000 physicians did locum tenens work.
5% of all physicians are psychiatrists, [so] the fact that behavioral health professionals are the third most utilized type of locum tenens provider underlines the acute shortage of providers in this field, " the report noted.
The higher ranking of locum tenens "speaks to [the preference for] flexibility around temporary engagements to work in a variety of settings, a variety of geographies, before immediately settling down," Mr.
Temporary doctors / Locum tenens is a formal market for doctors employed on a temporary basis.
counterpart in Armenia regarding the offshore financial scandal implicating Armenia's former Prime Minister and the Locum Tenens of
We have also long been concerned at the disparity between the conditions for permanent employees and locum tenens who provide necessary service cover.
He enjoys a close relationship with the Metropolitan of Beheira, Bishop Pachomious, locum tenens of the Coptic Church between Shenouda's death and Tawadros' selection.
First, Lars Mitlacher and Andreas Welker address the rise in atypical employment in German hospitals, and specifically the use of locum tenens as temporary replacements for full-time medical practitioners.
She was the absolutely best physician practicing primary care in Massachusetts and when working as a Locum Tenens since moving to California, at all times with compassion and competence.