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33) Thus this locutio is the principle or prototype of all created existents because it contains their preexistent ideas.
16) Angels communicate by means of "interior speech," "and this includes not only the interior speech by mental concept, but also its being ordered to another's knowledge by the will" ("non convenit Angelo, sed sola locutio interior; ad quam pertinet non solum quod loquatur sibi interius concipiendo, sed etiam quod ordinet per voluntatem ad alterius manifestationem," Summa Theologica 1.
Sicut locutio hominis est actio vitalis, locutio autem angeli in corpore assumpto non est vitalis, licet sint similes in exteriori specie.
As a consequence, the root cluster kh-t-b is enlisted to render rethoria as qawl khutabi; as for qawl baligh, it renders ditio sive locutio oratoria (p.
To reproduce this collocation of meanings in Latin the composite ratio et verbum was occasionally applied while the general practice was to focus on the linguistic-articulative side of the of logos (expressed by sermo, verbum, locutio, vox, or sonus) (see Schindler 1965:115118).
Developed with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Locutio Voice Technologies, the original Homer Simpson voice for TomTom's range of personal navigation devices is now available for pounds 3.
Locutio angelica; die diskussion der engelsprache als antizipations einer sprechakttheorie in mittelalter und fruher neuzeit.
Manifestum est, quod illa expressio non potest dici locutio, et ideo numquam dicitur, quod Deus loquatur creando creaturas, sed quod cognoscatur.
Developed in association with Sesame Workshop and Locutio Voice Technologies, drivers can join the duo on their adventures, whether they're off to Sesame Street or anywhere else.
John and Christ are identified in the locutio, in the Greek text, as phond and logos respectively.
The Lord prefers none among the particular languages used by us; and all our languages are on a par with respect to their intimacy with locutio divina.
22) "Abusiva tamen locutio est," is how Cajetan puts it in his De Nominum Analogia of 1498, n.