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Since the country's first Basic Law, a quasi-constitutional document, spoke of a "Jewish and democratic state" in the 1980s, that locution quickly became the legal mantra for discussion of the nature of Israel.
En ce qui concerne la locution rue Xqui me preoccupe ici, je constate un double phenomene: d'abord, il est possible d'introduire un determinant classique dans l'expression rue X, sans produire d'importante difference de sens--phenomene du SN a article zero deja remarque et justifie par J.
I will find my way back to this distinctive locution, "hand in hand," but at this point I wish to underscore how insistently in the labor theory of value the hand appears, as we say, to have a hand in the materialization of the human subject.
A small change in locution illustrates a change in the character and conceptions of a people.
Along with the preconditions, meaning, responses, and updates for each locution, we present the type of each one according to the Speech Act Theory classification.
Perhaps they do, but since the movie's copious dialogue is spoken in a stylized locution just short of iambic pentameter, it's muddled into a highfalutin drone quite early on.
I am struggling with that change, not so much because I have not found this to be a common locution in the biblical text since after all God's preferential option for the poor has been made abundantly clear by liberation theologians and others.
It's hard nowadays to reread the work of de Kruif or Sinclair Lewis without a chuckle or two over their quaint locution, but Zinsser's raffine account of lice and men remains a delight.
Drama has the means to stage this aporia of violence, whereas simple opposition of locution to juridical violence risks repressing it, much as law is said, in the first place, to have repressed the passion for revenge.
His book is a feast of staggering insight, luscious locution, and daring conjecture that makes it read as grippingly as a novel, and the sequel, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God (New York: Knopf, 2001) is nothing short of equal.
Also, letters don't always get to the right locution, so double check to see if you have the right address.
In point of fact, to be sure, we know that the "the" in "the Jews" has often been summoned as a locution to the cause of antisemitism.