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According to Leech [6], a follow locutions are taking action to say something, illocutionary acts that perform actions in saying something, and follow perlokusi the action by saying something.
A premiere vue, l'examen de (4) et (4a) pourrait laisser croire que rue X est une simple variante synonymique de dans la rue X puisque les deux locutions de lieu sont admises dans un co-texte identique et que la nuance semantique entre les deux phrases est si minime que tous les francophones d'origine francaise n'arrivent pas forcement a la determiner.
61) As with the reception of communion (and the requirement that this be accompanied by frequent confession), the need for modest dress in church became a frequent topic in Kamm's early locutions and demonstrates what emerged as a major difference in religious practice between the migrant and devotionally inclined associates of Kamm and the wider Church.
Would that Gordon, a professor of drama and director of the Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London (a locution that parallels some of Davies's more ambitious attempts at self-definition in The Caretaker), had been somewhat less challenging in his own locutions--a danger, perhaps, of writing for an academic rather than a popular readership.
Plus, ils ont fertilise la langue et le contenu francais par des locutions, des expressions, des contenues marocains.
Dictionnaire des expressions et des locutions figurees.
But even at under two hours, the play still feels overworked, padded with repetitive seduction scenes and overwrought psycho-sexual arguments--much of it delivered in stilted 19th-centta7 locutions.
Obama's over- articulated locutions sound scolding to our ears, because we cannot separate the man from the power he wields.
In the end he identifies only a relatively small number of such locutions, which he proceeds to track down to their sources in the various translations used by the King James Bible translators.
Cautiously, she repeatedly uses locutions like "may be one factor" (41) or neglect "may stem from what we would now call ageism" (168), instead of making bolder claims.
LesMu enables users to search for single words, locutions, and other expressions of musical, linguistic, historical, literary, or philosophical interest, from a simple preposition to technical terms, slang expressions, neologisms, and authors' idiosyncrasies, to name a few.
For example, in the last decade, Ashkar has developed a daily habit of inventing poetic locutions in her native Arabic, inscribing them on her face in ornate script--making herself a type of human canvas and engaging in everyday activities.