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I apologize, Eminent Bodymaster, to you and to every brother in this lodge if I have said more than I should.
But so long as I am in this chair we shall be a united lodge in word and in deed.
As to the lodge, wasn't it the order of the Bodymaster that the man was not to be killed--and what are you doing but killing him?
The domestic utensils were fewer in number and simpler in their forms, than those to be seen about the openings of the meanest lodges, nor was there a single one of those high-prized articles of civilised life, which were occasionally bought of the traders, in bargains that bore so hard on the ignorant natives.
All our Navy Lodge general managers and associates work hard to provide PREMIER guest service each and every day for our guests," said Vice President Michael Bockelman of Navy Exchange Service Command's (NEXCOM's) Navy Lodge Program.
The merged lodge will be called the Auburn-Webster Lodge of Elks 2118.
The lodge, which used to be owned by an American trucking company, has belonged to the East family since May 5, 1962.
So in 1981 he opened his emerging complex of buildings--each constructed from hand-milled local spruce lumber and driftwood--to visitors as the Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge.
Whether you favor grouse hunting in thick cover, duck hunting in the swamps of the Bayou or chukar hunting out West, chances are there's a lodge and hunting operation for you.
In the summer of 1780 when Butler's Rangers returned to Fort Niagara, they found a new lodge in operation, St.
Organized medicine, for instance, mustered furious opposition to the system of "lodge medicine," whereby lodges hired physicians on a capitation basis.