lodge a complaint

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Consumers can lodge a complaint with CRA after 48 hours for mobile service disconnections, after 72 hours for fixed line disconnections, or after 30 calendar days for complaints that aren't related to a service disconnection.
Explaining the procedure of lodging complaints he said that to lodge a complaint with federal ombudsman against maladministration by federal government departments and organisations was very simple and easy.
A spokesman of the administration told reporter here on Monday that any parents could lodge a complaint about the working of private schools and all other issues including unrealistic tuition fee, etc.
IF YOU are in Bengaluru and facing any problem, you need not visit any nearby police station to lodge a complaint.
Whenever people lodge a complaint, they will receive a standard acknowledgement message that reads "We have received your complaint; it has been forwarded to xyz police station for necessary action.
We are currently finding out if due procedure was followed when the citizen approached the police to lodge a complaint.