lodge a complaint

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By the way," said Moncharmin, "you know that Mother Giry is going to lodge a complaint against you.
A spokesman of the administration told reporter here on Monday that any parents could lodge a complaint about the working of private schools and all other issues including unrealistic tuition fee, etc.
IF YOU are in Bengaluru and facing any problem, you need not visit any nearby police station to lodge a complaint.
However, FIFA president Sepp Blatter confirmed on Tuesday that, on the recommendation of FIFA ethics judge Hans-Joachim Eckert, it was "his duty" to lodge a complaint to the Swiss courts.
We are currently finding out if due procedure was followed when the citizen approached the police to lodge a complaint.
There is a procedure to sue defamation against the newspaper as first they have to lodge a complaint with Ombudsman at National Press Trust of UK and then they can further proceed, Chairman of NADRA, Tariq Malik said on Tuesday.
When asked whether his visit to Delhi was to lodge a complaint against Reddy, Rosaiah said: "Do I need to come to Delhi to lodge a complaint against him?
In what Ipsen described as a ``historic step,'' the prosecutors' association voted to lodge a complaint with the state Commission on Judicial Performance because ``this is an act of judicial management choosing not to do their job, choosing not to honor their sacred trust to protect the public.
Political parties will be allowed 72 hours to lodge a complaint to the election commission, which will respond within two days, the secretary general said.
On pressing the button, the machine would ask when did you register or attempt to lodge a complaint earlier.
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A few staff members at the institute, who were unhappy with the institute's handling of the issue, alleged that the victims had been suffering harassment for seven years, but they could not lodge a complaint as the committee under Vishaka guidelines had not been set up by the IIM.