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This case presents the question whether such dwelling units as occupied constitute lodgings so as to render the subject properties lodging houses under the lodging house act," the court decision said.
On the 1858 photo we see a grand three-bay lodging house and a beach chalet with brick wall and the little wooden gate.
Most of them spent the time in squalid, overcrowded lodging houses.
The second outbreak of cholera in Gateshead appeared on January 8, 1849 after a tramp arrived at a Pipewellgate lodging house from an affected area of Edinburgh.
Building Commissioner Robert Lanciani said a lodging house designation means the home must comply with state building codes, including a sprinkler system and fire alarms and a certain number of egresses depending on the layout of the home.
Lodging houses need sprinkler systems, which the premises in question did not have.
Leonard Vairo, a principal with VF Properties, said he intends to set higher standards for the operation of lodging houses.
State law prohibits more than three unrelated adults from living in one apartment without a license for a lodging house.
Gagnon acknowledged that lodging houses present a management challenge, but also said some of that is a perception issue.
The board had upheld cease-and-desist orders issued by city inspectors who claimed the properties were illegally being used as lodging houses.
WORCESTER - The Zoning Board of Appeals, which just last month upheld cease-and-desist orders for three properties that city inspectors claimed were illegally operating as lodging houses, appears to be taking more of a wait-and-see approach with three similar properties.
WORCESTER - The Zoning Board of Appeals last night upheld cease-and-desist orders issued for three properties that city inspectors claimed were illegally operating as lodging houses.