lodging place

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With ease he found a lodging place where there were many strangers from other cities of Manator.
So his first two shafts flew swiftly, one after the other, to lodging places outside the Welshman's mark.
Graph 2-4: Sales at Lodging Place Restaurants, 2006-2011
Not just the guests' lodging place, this Games Village combines the residential and sporting requirements of the athletes at one place
Tom Hollander plays Stuart's partner Nick, who comes to regret giving Douglass Henshall as Tim a temporary lodging place when Tim organises a wild party.
It certainly will be if they can persuade the liquidators, starting to gather around Scottish football like jackals closing in on wounded prey, to take rooms in their lodging place while they wait to pick over the remains of once mighty clubs.
And it came to pass on the way , at the lodging place, that YHWH met him and sought to kill him.
Founders Herideen and Kozlowski lost their lodging place early on.
Open Competition: open competition in electronic form on the right to sign the agreement to Connecting to a centralized system of cold water and wastewater hotels and other lodging places with the purpose: hotel at: Moscow, North-East, st.
The New City Hotel was constructed in 1889 and was one of Worcester's prominent lodging places at the turn of the century.
Amusement, gambling and recreation employers have added 2,500 jobs in the last year while lodging places have stayed about the same.
Besides establishing tents for temporary accomodation of the flocking devotees, the local people would be providing the same by converting their houses into boarding and lodging places on the occasion of the Urs.