lodging place

References in classic literature ?
With ease he found a lodging place where there were many strangers from other cities of Manator.
So his first two shafts flew swiftly, one after the other, to lodging places outside the Welshman's mark.
James Way (Camino de Santiago de Compostella), with a little help from a van that carried our baggage from one lodging place to another.
Not just the guests' lodging place, this Games Village combines the residential and sporting requirements of the athletes at one place
Tom Hollander plays Stuart's partner Nick, who comes to regret giving Douglass Henshall as Tim a temporary lodging place when Tim organises a wild party.
It certainly will be if they can persuade the liquidators, starting to gather around Scottish football like jackals closing in on wounded prey, to take rooms in their lodging place while they wait to pick over the remains of once mighty clubs.
And it came to pass on the way , at the lodging place, that YHWH met him and sought to kill him.
And during our 29-day tour of Western Europe by Eurail, I dwelled on whether we would be able to catch the designated train to our next destination and whether we could find a good lodging place for the night.
Founders Herideen and Kozlowski lost their lodging place early on.
Adding charm to all this, Manny told me that while the Cebuanos use dayun as an invitation to come into the house, the Ilonggo (speakers of Hiligaynon) call the lodging place itself a dayunan.
From the hospital they made a short walk to the Kiangan Hall, a lodging place for policemen, where 20 of the 22 policemen facing administrative charges in connection with the Atimonan killings are billeted.
According to a local government website, 293 of the estimated 340 lodging places on the island were found in 2013 to be in violation of the local ordinance requiring buildings to be at least 30 meters from the shore.