lodging place

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With ease he found a lodging place where there were many strangers from other cities of Manator.
So his first two shafts flew swiftly, one after the other, to lodging places outside the Welshman's mark.
The only thing lacking at that time was a lodging place for a weekend getaway.
But he reversed the trial court, agreeing with the county had the authority to impose the hotel tax on Lockheed.<br />"Regardless of whether Lockheed Martin is right about the common meaning of the word 'hotel,' the CLE still fell within the plain language of the ordinance as an 'other lodging place that offers for compensation sleeping accommodations in the County to 5 or more transients at any one time,'" Fader wrote.<br />Fader was joined in the unreported opinion by Judges Michael W.
Each identification badge carries the pilgrim's passport number, the TH logo and Jalur Gemilang logos as well as the number of the 'maktab' or lodging place written in Arabic script.
Not just the guests' lodging place, this Games Village combines the residential and sporting requirements of the athletes at one place
Tom Hollander plays Stuart's partner Nick, who comes to regret giving Douglass Henshall as Tim a temporary lodging place when Tim organises a wild party.
"And it came to pass on the way , at the lodging place, that YHWH met him and sought to kill him.
And during our 29-day tour of Western Europe by Eurail, I dwelled on whether we would be able to catch the designated train to our next destination and whether we could find a good lodging place for the night.
Adding charm to all this, Manny told me that while the Cebuanos use dayun as an invitation to come into the house, the Ilonggo (speakers of Hiligaynon) call the lodging place itself a dayunan.
From the hospital they made a short walk to the Kiangan Hall, a lodging place for policemen, where 20 of the 22 policemen facing administrative charges in connection with the Atimonan killings are billeted.
Officers deployed to man these posts at the various entry points of the country use ancient chairs and tables at their various offices and had no decent lodging places either.