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LODGINGS. Habitation in another's house, in which the owner dwells; the occupier being termed a lodger.

References in classic literature ?
He received thirty sous per day, and for a month he returned to his lodgings gay as a chaffinch, and affable toward his master.
Borrow all the money that you can get, for I have not the wherewithal to leave these lodgings, yet cannot possibly remain in them any longer.
Right glad is his heart, though his brain be somewhat dizzy, when he finds himself by the coal fire of his lodgings.
Because, monsieur, your lordship will permit me to say, yesterday I did not think proper, when you chose your lodging, to fix any price that might have made your lordship believe that I prejudged your resources; whilst to-day "
She was put down in Camden Place; and Lady Russell then drove to her own lodgings, in Rivers Street.
The Herons, though an ordinary villa, stood in its own grounds, and was certainly the last place in which one would have expected to find lodgings, so private was its appearance.
Curious, that in lodgings the rule of life is reversed.
His supper was waiting for him when he reached his lodgings and he spent the evening reading.
From the height of the terrace he perceived Gourville, who went by with a joyous air towards the lodgings of M.
He dashed them away savagely, and went on again faster than ever--resolved to pack up at once at his lodgings in the village, and to take his departure by the next train.
As a gentlewoman myself," proceeded the landlady--"reduced by family misfortunes to let lodgings, but still a gentlewoman--I feel sincere sympathy with you.
But although Goldsmith was now beginning to be well known, he still lived in poor lodgings.