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The team observed that the detainees booked under various cases are in a highly depressed mental condition and feel frustrated due to lack of adequate legal aid, facilities for arranging escort to attend the courts on due dates,proper medical facilities, food and lodgment problems.
A thorough history followed by ENT examination including nasal endoscopy was carried out in each case and site of lodgment of leech documented.
Our people, especially those who arrive early in a lodgment, must be agile and able to perform with the people and tools at hand, earning the title Corpo de Genio, or "Corps of Geniuses.
To ensure that there is no disadvantage, where possible, we will be remitting automatically or not imposing penalties for failure to lodge on time related to the late lodgment of 2015-16 income tax returns and activity statements due to be lodged from December 2016, where they are lodged by 31 August 2017.
Holmes, of Cumberland Road, Dundonald, Co Antrim, stole pounds 345 and a lodgment book from the Ardoyne Community Healthcare Centre earlier this year.
Counsel told the Circuit Court President, Mr Esmond Smyth, a without prejudice lodgment of pounds 10,000 had been paid into court by Peter Marks but she considered the amount inadequate.
It also funded the purchase of certain units within The Square and the preparation and lodgment of the planning application for the retail extension.
Tenders are invited for De-Silting Of Lodgment, Silt Trap Of 13 And 14 Seam, Suction Channel Of Deep Mine And Removal Of Muck From I-Level 140 Hp Pump Sump, 17 Spl.
Another lodgment of pounds 25,000 in 1989 was also a complete mystery.
The Act now provides for the re-opening the lodgment of land claims by those who missed the 31 December 1998 deadline to lodge land claims.