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The owners of D'Aloha Loft Studio Apartment units will get free stay for 21 days or equivalent to a voucher valued at Rp8.
According to the Energy Saving Trust, you need 270mm depth of standard loft insulation to get the full benefit, which usually works out as a 100mm layer laid between the joists and a 170mm layer over the top).
Measure the length of your loft - allowing for 100mm of gap at the eaves (the bit where the roof touches the walls) for air flow - and cut lengths of insulation accordingly.
With listed buildings, you also need listed building consent from your local council to do most building work, including converting the loft.
Igor Lilic, Principal Technical Lead of ConsenSys Enterprise, said, "The LOFT group is a model example of innovation within the enterprise: bright, enthusiastic teams tasked with understanding new technologies and who arent afraid of getting their hands dirty by building prototypes.
However, an "interim multiple dwelling" is a dwelling space That meets certain statutory criteria for being brought under the jurisdiction of the New York City Loft Board as the residential spaces in a qualifying building are transitioned So protection under a form of rent stabilization.
A loft conversion can be as simple as adding a few skylights (below) or creating your dream space and it could add value to your home when you come to sell |
The cheapest and easiest loft conversions are ones with skylights (eaves conversions), as the line of the roof is unchanged.
com)-- An Open House event will be held for the Lofts on 9 in Ferndale, MI on Thursday November 8th from 6pm - 8pm.