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For verses, though never so well composed, cannot be literally (that is word for word) translated out of one language into another without losing much of their beauty and loftiness.
One day wilt thou see no longer thy loftiness, and see too closely thy lowliness; thy sublimity itself will frighten thee as a phantom.
I remember the time when he came to me and cried, talking of you, and all the poetry and loftiness of his feeling for you, and I know that the longer he has lived with you the loftier you have been in his eyes.
Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.
Of course," repeated the great man, with a sort of absent-minded loftiness.
The whole loftiness of the place, booming hollow to the great voice of the wind, swayed at the top like a tree, would go over bodily, as if borne down this way and that by the tremendous blasts.
The chief alone seemed unmoved; nor was he disposed to relax from the loftiness and high dignity of his air.
Indeed, the mansions and their inhabitants were so much alike in that respect, that the people were often to be found drawn up on opposite sides of dinner-tables, in the shade of their own loftiness, staring at the other side of the way with the dullness of the houses.
A certain loftiness, likewise, took possession of Mr Wegg; a condescending sense of being in request as an official expounder of mysteries.
The Second Vatican Council decreed that moral theology should be "nourished more on the teaching of the Bible" and "should shed light on the loftiness of the calling" of Christians and their obligation to bear "fruit in charity for the life of the world" ('Optatam totius no.
Glory and immortality be to our martyrs and dignity and loftiness be to our people.
Some archers are stunned by the sheer magnitude and loftiness of the terrain they encounter in places with elk, mule deer, caribou, wild sheep, or mountain goats.