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One day wilt thou see no longer thy loftiness, and see too closely thy lowliness; thy sublimity itself will frighten thee as a phantom.
But he evidently reserved himself for the chiefs, and for those moments of extreme anguish, when the loftiness of his spirit might evince itself in a manner better becoming his high and untarnished reputation.
And the loftiness with which his Grace entered into their confidence without being invited, and insisted on a show of keeping the waiters out of it, was the crowning glory of the entertainment.
His irony, his superiority, his audacity, 'regarding not the person of man,' necessarily flow out of the loftiness of his situation.
The one in advance had a thoughtful, anxious, and somewhat crafty expression of face, and in spite of his loftiness of manner, which was evidently the result both of an ambitious spirit and of long continuance in high stations, he seemed not incapable of cringing to a greater than himself.
But there was no diminution in the loftiness of his feeling for her.
Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.
But blue and turquoise are dominating among other colours.Helen Varley writes that, "Vast expanses of sky and ocean accommodate the spirit carving release through a sense of infinity; their loftiness and depth have endowed their colour with a noble character".8 The blue colour of the sky has a variety of tones at different times during the day and night.
Fasting infuses in man a great degree of determination and trust in Allah, imparts loftiness to his character and personality.
But Macron's aides acknowledge he will have to change both his style -- critics say he is too controlling while voters have been angered by his perceived loftiness and arrogance -- and allow for more participatory democracy.
His Highness expressed confidence that the speaker "would pursue the blessed process in cooperation with the members of the cabinet for attaining the country's loftiness." (end) rk
Pitched somewhere between the low point of 'Make America Great Again' and the loftiness of the Great American novel.