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But he evidently reserved himself for the chiefs, and for those moments of extreme anguish, when the loftiness of his spirit might evince itself in a manner better becoming his high and untarnished reputation.
His irony, his superiority, his audacity, 'regarding not the person of man,' necessarily flow out of the loftiness of his situation.
The one in advance had a thoughtful, anxious, and somewhat crafty expression of face, and in spite of his loftiness of manner, which was evidently the result both of an ambitious spirit and of long continuance in high stations, he seemed not incapable of cringing to a greater than himself.
But there was no diminution in the loftiness of his feeling for her.
Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.
The loftiness of Roses career can be measured in part by his many honors, some of which could now be at risk: honorary degrees from Duke, Georgetown and Montclair State, to name a few; a Peabody Award and Emmy Award; the Walter Cronkite Excellence in Journalism Award; the Vincent Scully Prize; the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award; his induction as a "knight" in the French Legion of Honor.
The Taj Mahal tour through Agra is subsequently really appealing and guests are enchanted by the quality and loftiness of such an incredible masterpiece.
But the loftiness of it all was self-effacingly downplayed by the ingenious way by which 'Singkuwenta' was conceptualized and executed.
In a short number of lines, Nature lists multiple attributes, from the loftiness of "Saturn's deep conceit" and "Jupiter's high thoughts," to "Juno's arms / .
I'm sorry about that, but there are times when a certain loftiness is necessary, and this is one.
During a meeting today in province of Marib, with the executive, military, security leaders and party members, in the province, the President said that "the Arab coalition countries, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has been able to restore to the nation glory and loftiness to stop the Persian ambitions and interventions, through its expansionist tools such as Saleh and al-Huthi, whom their egos and arrogance, did not stop them, in declaring the fall of Sanaa and absolute dependence of Yemen on them.
That created a sense of loftiness, which makes the space feel larger than it is," she says.