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I got under the table and raised the blanket, and went to work to saw a section of the big bottom log out -- big enough to let me through.
Tom flung off his jacket and trousers, turned a suspender into a belt, raked away some brush behind the rotten log, dis- closing a rude bow and arrow, a lath sword and a tin trumpet, and in a moment had seized these things and bounded away, barelegged, with fluttering shirt.
echoed Benjamin; “it is as true as the Boadishey’s log book—” He was interrupted by the sheriff, who put a few direct questions to him, that obtained more intelligible answers, by which means he became possessed of a tolerably correct idea of the truth, When the wonder, and we must do Richard the justice to say, the feelings also, that were created by this narrative, had in some degree subsided, the sheriff turned his eyes again on his journal, where more inexplicable hieroglyphics met his view.
There is none better or bolder among my people to clear a block of the river when the logs stick fast.
Napoleon looked up and down the river, dismounted, and sat down on a log that lay on the bank.
As for the legs, they were four straight limbs cut from trees and stuck fast into the body, being spread wide apart so that the saw-horse would stand firmly when a log was laid across it to be sawed.
Two knots of wood formed the eyes, and the mouth was a gash chopped in the log.
He awoke frightened, and shifted his weight rashly on the log.
A broken-down miner lived in his log cabin with him and now cooked for him.
It was an image, an image of a log awash that was different from any log in that it was alive.
Perceiving their simplicity, he cast down a huge log into the lake.
A NEGRO in a boat, gathering driftwood, saw a sleeping Alligator, and, thinking it was a log, fell to estimating the number of shingles it would make for his new cabin.