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Notation Variable Intercept Intercept Q7-2010-vysledek_ Logarithm of earnings in 2010 hospodareni_SL Q8-2013-zamestnanci=2 dummy Expected growth in 2013 dummy Q8-2013-zamestnanci=3 dummy Expected stay in 2013 dummy Q9-moznost1=1 dummy Company's main financial resources are from domestic investments Q9-moznost1=3 dummy Company's main financial resources are from earnings from previous years Q9-moznost1=4 dummy Company's main financial resources are bank loans Q24-2011 Number of customers in 2011 Q24-2010 Number of customers in 2010 Notation Coefficient Standard Sig.
Mean variables LNGOOGLE Logarithm of a player's 320 0.
5-fold over 3 logarithms of percent ratios, the synthetic calibrators enabled precise analytical assessments of distinct assay designs.
This analytical logarithm is very easy to expand, since we have, in view of (2.
We use the logarithm of those variables with wide-ranging values, such as Total Assets, R&D Expense, and EBITDA/interest_exp, in regressions.
Popular choices for the group G in discrete logarithm cryptography are the cyclic groups [[].
Lagged values of one period are denoted by appending with a "-1" to the names above Note that dependent variable LSPRT is in effect first differences in logarithms.
i] = the logarithm of the value of milk yield per milk animal;
We bin computed escape time data from simulated realizations of UCNs according to energy, and empirically model the logarithm of the median escape time for each bin as a function of the bin midpoint, [bar.
From (1), we have n = [ln x/ln n] + [n/ln n] + O(1) and take logarithm on both sides, we easily get the main term of ln n, that is: ln n = ln ln x + O(ln ln ln x).
This variable is measured as the sum of natural logarithm of the list price of scrap and the average cost of electricity whenever i is a minimill product, but the sum of natural logarithm of real price of iron ore and the average cost of fuel whenever i is an integrated mill product.
Weber's Law of psychophysics has been succinctly phrased by Gustav Fechner as "the sensation increases proportional as the logarithm of the stimulus intensity.