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Wu, "Refinement of an inequality for the generalized logarithmic mean," Chinese Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, vol.
2]) was obtained in the section "Incompressible Isotropic Materials" in the form of the polynomial, logarithmic, and exponential.
3], the standard deviation of logarithmic average values r([x.
As shown in Figure 3, such Logarithmic curves are used as the input and the output disc's generatrix, respectively, to form a novel CVT.
The device used four spring-loaded cams, each shaped like a logarithmic spiral.
Thus, we propose an adaptive logarithmic increase and adaptive decrease (A-LIAD) algorithm.
Logarithmic activities require a certain sort of mindset, Young writes.
The main contribution of this paper is appropriate choice of quantizer (robust logarithmic quantizer) and optimization of correlation coefficient for ECG signal.
1]) with logarithmic and linear regression lines are presented in Figure 1.
1 are mainly the estimate for the logarithmic derivative of a transcendental meromorphic function of finite order due to Gundersen [6], Lemma 2.
5) according to the definition of the logarithmic gain leads to the differential equations for the time derivatives of the logarithmic gains as:
By the time students enter a mathematics course at University, they have likely been exposed to logarithms in Year 10 as an enrichment topic and logarithmic functions in Senior Secondary Mathematics.