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Punishments recorded in Grangetown School logbooks during the Victorian period.
Logbooks delivers a shift change dashboard that includes a shift summary and detailed information on assigned tasks.
Logbooks of procedures may be complemented by case reports that are structured so as to contain a reflective element
The findings come from the ARCdoc research project, led by Sunderland University, which analyses historical logbooks recorded by explorers, whalers and merchants during expeditions between 1750 and 1850.
A LABOUR bid to slam the brakes on unscrupulous logbook lenders has been blocked by ministers.
The cruise logbook is a standardised record book that urges floating restaurant businesses in Dubai to record all their vessel operations for later use as a unified source of documented information.
But it's also critical you keep both your Shadow's TMs and unmanned aircraft systems-initiative (UAS-1) logbook current.
Staff have managed to preserve precious logbooks from its early years that give a fascinating glimpse into the rich history of bustling Teesport.
Even seasoned drivers considering software solutions to paper logbooks are experiencing economic pressures.
Logbooks and medals belonging to the late Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie were handed over to officials from the PRONI at the fighter pilot's old school, Methodist College in Belfast.
It is possible to follow his teaching position through the logbooks to the point when we know each time he was off sick
Previous research has shown the use of logbooks to record daily dietary intake to be a successful strategy for weight control; however, patients who maintain a dietary logbook may be more motivated and, therefore, more likely to lose weight.