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com/endangered-sea-turtles-bones-reveal-surprises-scientists-guide-conservation-efforts-2647440) impact of fishing on loggerhead turtles, including adjusting the type of fishing gear and locations used to reduce the number of sea turtles getting caught up.
Sea turtles actually prefer the east coast, Bernhard says; of the five species in Florida, we primarily see loggerheads and a few green sea turtles on the west coast.
Longer migrations have been recorded for previous Mon Repos nesting loggerhead turtles up to 2,600 km to the Northern Territory and also into north eastern Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
Under the terms of the agreement, eleven Loggerhead Marina properties located throughout Florida now join the Suntex portfolio.
Loggerhead provides industry leading glass decoration services such as screen printing, bottle frosting and fulfillment services to the wine & spirits, beer, specialty food and beverage industries.
Acollaboration effort with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) resulted in the satellite tagging of seven adult female loggerhead turtles on Masirah Island in May 2016.
As the shipwreck corresponded with the onset of the loggerhead turtles' nesting and hatching season, the debris posed a danger to the survival of the island's world-renowned habitat.
To our knowledge, this is the first time that juvenile loggerheads and greens have been tagged in the region which will provide valuable data about their progress in the wild," he said.
Muscat: Human impact is the main cause for the decline in the population of the Loggerhead, an oceanic turtle found on the Masirah Island, said the Research and Conservation Manager at the Environment Society of Oman (ESO).
The loggerhead turtle weighted about 30 kg and was safely retrieved on board the fishing vessel AlSaquib Farman.
Preliminary numbers from Georgia show scientists and volunteers counted a record 2,292 loggerhead sea turtles nests during the season that runs from May through August.
The loggerhead is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle in the world.