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A 1TB logical drive rebuild for RAID 5 can take an average of 32 hours.
In 1997 Logical Operations and The Cobb Group were renamed ZD Education and ZD Journals, respectively.
Superficial advice might suggest that it is important for leaders to remain coldly logical in assessing the opportunities before them and making choices that are in their best interests.
Because they think in logical connections and numbers, individuals who possess thinking smarts earned top grades in science and math and learn best when they can assemble the information they need in a logical fashion.
These switches have specialized port-level processors (frequently optimized ASICs, but also could be FPGAs or network processors) that inspect and redirect I/O (translate from logical to physical addresses) at wire-speed.
Although businesses have long realized the necessity of smart card-based physical access control, the adoption of smart card-based logical access control is occurring at a slower rate.
In a typical IP SAN configuration, the backup software instructs client servers to send backup data to logical volumes presented by a storage-provisioning appliance over a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet SAN.
For example, DataCore's SANsymphony software makes the allocation of logical volumes to specific servers a simple and intuitive activity using the drag-and-drop GUI.
In the early 1980s, several disk storage suppliers offered disk subsystems that had multiple logical disk images on a single physical disk drive.