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There is a logical fallacy that should prompt us to ask, "Does tutoring have any value, regardless of the provider?
Either/Ors, between which it recognizes no intermediate possibilities," making humans susceptible to a logical fallacy with far reaching educational consequences (Dewey, 17).
There we have it: another open call for world government by an insider--one which, moreover, commits a logical fallacy.
Begging the question" is the logical fallacy of circular reasoning: assuming as fact what needs to be proven.
Williams takes this to be an ad hominem attack, and hence a logical fallacy.
The third logical fallacy is made by the home inspector.
Many scientists have succumbed to a logical fallacy, based on a naive and simple-minded theory.
No: It is hardly necessary to point out that the last statement embodies an elementary logical fallacy.
Thus there is the logical fallacy of an appeal to authority rather than factual argument.
The expert is able to accomplish this trick by using logical fallacy as a rhetorical tool.
We do not accuse the doctor of committing a logical fallacy in the practice of medicine.