logical process

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Dental surgeons suggested doctors, doctors suggested death, death suggested skeletons--and so, by a logical process the conversation melted out of one of these subjects and into the next, until the topic of skeletons raised up Nicodemus Dodge out of the deep grave in my memory where he had lain buried and forgotten for twenty-five years.
I believe that men of the most daring character (and I make no claim to it) often do shrink from the logical processes of thought.
All these growing environmental issues no doubt sound daunting, and challenging for manyorganisations, but the team at GenSustainbelieves,"it is simple and a logical process".
A logical process follows from the identified needs of Welsh travellers and hauliers, planning the best option to meet those needs; and then funding and delivering the scheme.
When a customer calls about billing, for instance, the logical process is to connect that customer to an agent with expertise in billing.
In this manner the student could be led towards meaningful comprehension of phenomena through a logical process.
David Duncombe, Jasmi's operations manager, said: "Jumeirah Restaurants just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dubai for the noodle house, so I think it's a logical process to expand throughout the GCC and the rest of the world.
Thomas Festa takes up two contrasting but related representations of God drawn from scripture and operative in Paradise Lost: that of the divine architect (a representation connected to God's omniscience and related to the logical process of induction) and that of the divine geometer (a representation connected to God's omnipotence and related to the logical process of deduction).
What a disastrous and expensive way to introduce a seemingly logical process change.
But by approaching it in a formulaic, logical process, a dog owner can transcend the pain and still provide his old friend and hunting partner with well-earned peace and dignity.
Alan Muse, RICS director, said: "Assessing the completion of construction projects is rarely a scientific or purely logical process, but requires a degree of evaluation.